Art walk through the city...

From Nomad over the Wettsteinbrücke along the Rhine to the Museum Tinguely. You can also take a detour across the Schwarzwaldbrücke for a bit of urban art. Or walk back along the Rhine and take the St. Alban ferry to Grossbasel. There, not far from the river, the Kunstmuseum Basel / Gegenwart awaits you. Then stroll through romantic St. Alban to the Cartoon Museum. Would you like a short break? Relax with a great view of the Rhine and Kleinbasel on the cliff (the Pfalz) directly behind the cathedral, or get away from the hustle and bustle in the garden of the Old University. During your walk on Rheinsprung street you will pass by the Natural History Museum. Do you want to see more? Then stop by the Kunsthalle Basel on your way back to Nomad.

A round of jogging?

In Basel, distances are short, and contrasts chase each other in a small area. Basel is old and new, busy and quiet, hip and traditional - a city destined to be discovered on a more or less leisurely run. You can bet that countless inspiring items will end up on your bucket list along the way.