Hotel Nomad

I am the Nomad Design & Lifestyle Hotel. Deep inside me, in my eatery, I am wild. With every person who comes through my door, my beat changes – but I remain true to myself: Jungle-wild.

It's me

Jungle & wild

Inside a jungle, outside an oasis – both in the city center. It definitely gets wild & hot at the bar.


One Love

From the outside to the inside, I am defined by architecture and design.Whether Signature Rooms by Buchner and Bründler or Deluxe with balcony and carpet by Kasthall: these are my room categories.


More than one drink

Incredible, this is where I get my good-morning espresso and the first Golden Hour in the afternoon – it doesn't get any better than that. It does, though, late in the evening with an espresso martini, to close the circle.


The Place to work

The best ideas are born over a beer. But I also understand that you need to discuss some things in private.


We are

We set the beat for you. We live for what we offer you. We stand behind Nomad.

The team

The way

Come on! You belong here. The why and the wherefore don’t matter. Everything you need to know is here.

To me