Nomad Bar

The heat is on! I experience the atmosphere at the bar day in and day out, and it’s great. People like you come here, and they know what they want. Or they get a big surprise they can’t resist.

The idea

Hand-picked spirits and homemade liqueurs that are shaken or ...? You know what I’m thinking! Each cocktail gets its own glass. You’ll feel like Hemingway.

The creators

Alex, my bar manager, and his crew create a relaxed atmosphere in the bar. They bring in the right beat when it gets too quiet.

Extrabar by Nomad

A Buvette on Theater Square? Yes, that's right, during the extra weeks of the Basel Theatre until the 3rd of October. As it is usual for us nomads, we're going on a journey and enchant you with some signature sprizz's and other delicious creations. There is also something for your appetite.

Open Mon - Fri from 5pm and Sat & Sun from 2pm, opening hours may be adjusted due to the weather.

We look forward to your visit.