Hygiene measures

Due to Covid-19, we have extended our existing standards of hygiene and we have developped special safety concepts for our hotel and Eatery & Bar. We adhere to the current regulations issued by the Federal Government and the canton Basel-City

Current measures:

  • Wearing face masks is compulsory for all employees in publicly accessible indoor spaces but not for our guests
  • We stay at home if symptoms appear and let us get tested
  • We keep distance
  • Hands get washed and disinfected frequently
  • Surfaces get cleaned and disinfected more often
  • Stations with germicide are positioned available for everyone in the hotel and restaurant
  • The number of seatings has been reduced to keep distance

It is our pleasure to still welcome you at Nomad Basel.

Please don't hesitate to contact us directly if you have any questions.


In addition to the regulation issued by the Federal Government and the canton Basel-City, we follow sectoral recommendations. That's why we commit to the standards of "Clean & Safe" of Switzerland Tourism and we got certified by the association of hoteliers in Basel referring to the "Standards of Basel". 

Certificate Standards of Basel