The story

Here’s who I am.
My two architecturally handsome buildings have been standing in the middle of Basel, the city of art and culture, since 2016. People like the open look and feel. My design & lifestyle, along with the rhythm and feel of the place, will conjure up a whole new world for you. Step right in. I, along with all of us here at Nomad, will welcome you and take care of you.




Design or Urban? It’s not easy for me to decide. That's why I’m happy to have two hearts beating in me at the same time.

Sneak peak


In my Eatery you will find the best of food from around the world. I am unique.

Convince me

Oh holy drinks

The Big Lebowski would be a regular here. Why? Because he would drink Negronis instead of White Russians. That’s why!

Direct to bar


Work, but please not in a boring seminar room. Break out to somewhere else, and definitely not somewhere with weird wallpaper.

Ready to go ahead

After work

Stretch, breathe, repeat. Heat up in the fitness and then in the sauna. Forget everything around you.


Lean back

The silence in the courtyard will do you some good. I promise!

Make me rest